What are the fragments?

They are tiles of fired clay decorated in many different ways. They are all unique and change as new ideas come to me. They have a hole at the top and can be hung off a pin (a few supplied with each purchase) which hammers easily into most walls.

What can I do with them?

The simplest – and I think nicest – way of displaying them is to hang them off a pin in the wall but you can also frame them to create a more finished piece of work. Play with some fragments here to get a sense of the possibilities and fun to be had re-arranging them. Or look at a few examples of how the fragments could look in situ here.

Liz Scrine Fragments in context faqs
Are they all unique and one-off?

Yes they are all unique and one-off. I often return to favourite themes (eg clouds, ladders) but because of their experimental nature, no two fragments will ever be identical.

How big are they?

They are all different sizes. If you click on a fragment in the shop page it will open a page with a picture of the fragment photographed on a 2cm grid. The size is also written underneath this picture. You can also measure the fragment with the horizontal and vertical rulers in the wall-of-fragments page.

I am finding the website a nightmare to use but I’d really like to buy some fragments. What can I do?

Just get in touch with me directly and I’m sure we can sort something out over the phone. And I’m sorry you’re having a nightmare… I am too! My email is liz.scrine@gmail.com and my mobile is 07947 678 785.

How often do you add new fragments to the website?

About three times a year I add a new batch. If you would like to be notified when this happens enter your email address here:


Can I commission them?

It is possible to commission them, but generally it works out very expensive for small numbers of specially commissioned fragments.

Will you repeat designs if the one I want has sold?

I work quite freely and quickly and often the result is in the lap of the gods, ceramics is like that. Glazing in particular is unpredictable so I encourage people to buy something if they like it, because chances are it can’t be repeated.

Can they go outside?

Some can, some can’t – it depends what temperature they have been fired to. Please ask about individual fragments and I will get back to you.

Will they fade in time?

No. Ceramics is a very durable material.

Do you do any other work along similar lines?

I make ceramic folding screens – a bit like folding books – out of fragments that I wire together concertina-fashion. I also make other things in clay, for example a light piece called the passage light. For things like pots and big wall pieces take a look at my website.

How much is postage?

Postage is free on orders over £15. Below that it’s £3. Please ask about international postage.

What if they break in the post?

I have a lot of experience posting ceramics so it’s very unlikely that they will. But if they do I will refund your money in full. I may ask you to take a photo of the damage with your phone.

What if I don’t like them when I see them?

You may return them for a full refund but you will have to pay the return postage.

How do I put them up?

Most of them will be fine hanging off a 20mm moulding pin (you will receive a few with your purchase) which can easily be hammered into most walls. Larger heavier ones may need a slightly longer moulding pin.

Can I buy them anywhere else?

The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle and my studio in Manchester city centre are the only places at the moment, but I hope to start selling them in more places soon. If you can, come to the studio – this is the best way to see them. You will be able to play with them and create your own arrangements which is by far the most fun way of choosing them. I have tried to recreate this experience virtually on this page but it’s not quite the same. If you would like to visit the studio please contact me first as I work from home most of the time.

How do I get in touch?

By phone on 07947 678 785 or by email on liz.scrine@gmail.com

Where are you based?

I share a studio with other potter friends at Back Street Potters, 46 Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1HN, but most of the time I work from home, so please get in touch first if you are planning to visit.